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Analysis of QLink – Decentralized Mobile Network

Update: Allen Li, Co-CEO of Qlink, provided details of the team and company in the comment section. Be sure to check it out.


  • Project name: QLink
  • Token symbol: QLC
  • Website:
  • White paper:
  • Hard cap: 40,000 Ether + 100,000 Neo (public crowdsale ICO contributors own 40% of total token supply if hard cap is reached)
  • Conversion rate: 1 ETH = 4,000 QLC, 1 NEO = 400 QLC
  • Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: US$49 million assuming current Ether price of $400 and Neo price of $35
  • Bonus structure: 10% for presale
  • Presale or white list: Whitelist registration ongoing at, presale minimum is 100 Ether (can choose to contribute using NEO under the conversion ratio of 1 ETH = 10 NEO)
  • Blockchain platform: Neo’s NEP-5 protocol
  • Timeline: Presale starts from November 28 which lasts for at least 3 weeks, public crowdsale will begin after presale ends (please refer to QLink’s website for the most up-to-date information)
  • Token distribution date: Token will be distributed after crowd sale
Video summary (video is 8:36 long):

Project Overview

What does the company/project do?

Qlink aims to decentralize mobile network by offering telecom services such as 1) decentralized Wi-Fi sharing, 2) repackage mobile data for content distribution, 3) decentralized E2P SMS service, and 4) hardware Wi-Fi sharing hub.

Qlink will also build its own blockchain using Neo’s NEP-5 protocol. Qlink Chain contains digital content, data traffic billing information, and user visit records. Users will be able to deploy smart contracts between telcos, content producers, IoT terminal and enterprises.

The company divides the mobile networks into two parts on blockchain – infrastructure part and service part. For infrastructure information, it will be stored on Neo blockchain. The service part, including billing data and content track record, will be stored on Qlink Chain.

Below are some sample use cases:

Wi-Fi sharing

Teddy is the owner a boutique hostel. Conjunct to the hostel, there is a coffee shop run by Eric. When guests come to the coffee shop, most of them will request Wi-Fi, which Eric doesn’t have. Terry can share his Wi-Fi hotspot with Eric’s guest through Qlink.

The authorization process will be running on blockchain in secured format. Terry will be rewarded QLC tokens by sharing and Eric doesn’t have to set up Wi-Fi equipment. Terry can install one Qlink Basestation to provide personal hotspot and to mine ETH at the same time.

Enterprise Telecom Service

Twilio is a cloud communications platform listed in NYSE, providing telecom cloud services including programmable SMS, Voice, Video, and more by plugging into telecom operator’s core network. Qlink supports this service on the blockchain.

Users of Twilio or similar businesses won’t bear the risk of third-party cloud shutting down, security leakage and enjoy the full-transparency of pricing of each service item.

BaseState with ETH Mining Capability

When a singer opens her concert, attracting hundreds of thousands of fans to the town and it was expected to see a mobile network service jam.

The local partner of the singer’s company pre-hailed 300 vehicle which carried base stations through Qlink, making sure the attendees can stay connected during the concert.

Re-package mobile data for content distribution

Content providers such as Netflix or Youtuber can promote their own content through Qlink. The audience will be waived from data charge when watching the subscribed content. Additionally, viewers can also subscribe for content at a cheaper price.

How advanced is the project?

The idea of Qlink was conceived near the end of 2016. Below is the development road map for the project:

December 2017 – MVP available.

Q1 2018

  • Develop Wi-Fi sharing protocol and E2P SMS application and deploy to the public chain.
  • Publish code for the applications to GitHub.
  • Launch Qlink mobile and desktop app.

Q2 2018

  • Develop mobile data access and content distribution protocol and deploy to the public chain.
  • Enhanced version of the Qlink mobile and desktop apps, along with the Qlink Gateway.

Q4 2018

  • Qlink chain launched, which will be co-developed by Onchain, the company behind Neo.
  • Launch Qlink BaseStation.
  • Launch cross-chain protocol between Qlink Chain and Neo blockchain.
What are the tokens used for and how can token value appreciate?

QLC tokens are used to settle every transaction on the Qlink network, for example, Wi-Fi access, mobile data access, E2P SMS packages, and registration of content on the Qlink Chain.

It can also be used for rewarding users for viewing the sponsored content. QLC tokens can also be acquired by using the Qlink BaseStation to contribute to the network through mining.

As QLC tokens are needed to perform various actions on the platform, the more usage and transactions Qlink has, the more valuable the tokens should be.

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The Qlink team worked together on Youyou Mobile, which was founded by Allen Li in 2012. It has received “tens of millions of CNY” of funding from Alibaba Capital in a series B round.

Based in Shanghai, Youyou Mobile is a portable Wi-Fi rental company serving Chinese who are visiting foreign countries. With 80 employees, Youyou Mobile covers over 100 countries and regions and has partnered with 40 telecom operators around the world to provide mobile data services to 6 million customers.

Bios of the key members are listed below:

Allen Li, Co-founder & Co-CEO – Founder of Youyou Mobile, Former Software Engineer of Huawei, multiple patent owner.

Susan Zhou, Co-founder & Co-CEO – Director of Rhodium Capital, former Business Development Director of Augentius and Senior Private Equity Analyst of Bloomberg.

Advisors of Qlink include Xie Shihuang, Co-Founder of Alibaba, Li Wei, Founder of PineVC, and Lu Hongliang, Founder of UT-Starcom, an NYSE-listed global telecom infrastructure provider.


  • Strong team and advisors in place. The team founded Youyou Mobile, which is in the mobile data space and received significant amount of VC funding. With the connections of the team and advisors, the company should be able to open dialogues with different telcos and gain traction.
  • Qlink is trying to disrupt the inefficient mobile network industry. If it becomes successful, the potential for Qlink and QLC token holders is enormous.


  • Qlink needs to work with a lot of different telcos and form partnerships with them. Telcos are typically large companies that are slow to change. It may take a long time to implement a new model as radical as Qlink’s.
  • The project’s goal is ambitious, offering many different services (sharing Wi-Fi, mobile data, SMS service, mobile app, hardware development, etc.). This is not easy to pull off.
  • The MVP is not out until the end of the year, which makes Qlink a white paper project.
  • 10,000 Ether worth of tokens are sold to strategic investors with a 30% bonus and 1-month lockup. They are willing to sell at a lower price once the tokens are unlocked since their cost basis is lower.
  • Even though Qlink is a Singapore-registered foundation, its operations will be based out of China. The Chinese government’s stance toward cryptocurrency and ICO could impact QLC tokens.


Overall, we are neutral about this ICO both for its short- and long-term potential. For the presale, participants can choose between contributing using Ether or Neo as the conversion ratio is 1 Ether = 10 Neo. Therefore, choose the currency that allows you to purchase QLC tokens at a lower price.

Our thoughts of the tokens for short term and long term are as follows:

For ​short-term holding

Neutral. On one hand, the circulating market cap is on the low side, and the team is strong with successful startup experience in relevant industry before.

On the other hand, QLC tokens may not be tradable that quickly because it is built on the Neo blockchain and not an ERC-20 token. Also note that the tokens purchased by strategic investors, who contributed 10,000 Ether, will be unlocked 1 month after they are distributed, which will cause selling pressure.

For long-term holding

Neutral. The project is very ambitious, providing many different services and involving software and hardware development, as well as partnership with many telcos. The more ambitious a project is, the higher chance it will fail.

For more information about the ICO, please visit the following links:



Token sales plan:


AMA on Reddit: ​


* The information contained in this article is for education purpose only and not financial advice. Do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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