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Aragon Post-ICO Update – September 2018


  • Project name: Aragon
  • Ticker symbol: ANT
  • ICO date: May 2017
  • Market cap*: $21 million
  • Circulating supply*: 28,261,834 ANT
  • Total supply: 39,609,524 ANT

* As of September 8, 2018. Source: Coinmarketcap

Aragon is an open-source project built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has the goal of becoming a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) itself allowing stakeholders to vote on future development and direction of the project. Aragon utilizes an ERC-20 token called ANT to facilitate voting and governance of the project.

Aragon Core is backed by the Aragon Foundation, a non-profit organization with the duty of helping the Aragon project mature. Aragon One is a for-profit development team working on the Aragon project.

The Aragon Core project is a decentralized application (dApp) platform that allows users to develop and organize their own decentralized organizations or companies on the blockchain. The modularity of their platform also allows for users to create their own individual dApp or cryptocurrency protocol.

Their token model allows for stakeholders to vote on new proposals, and the more tokens one holds, the more weight their vote will carry.

Brief overview of Aragon’s governance dashboard:

Aragon was founded by Luis Cuende, the project lead, and Jorge Izquierdo, the technology lead. Aragon has surrounded themselves with talented developers and a few key advisors like Mihai Alisie, co-founder of Ethereum. Aragon performed a very successful ICO in May 2017 and was able to raise $24 million in a matter of minutes.

Since then, the Aragon team has been hard at work developing their decentralized ecosystem. The first step was creating Aragon One to have a core development team. From there, the Aragon DAC, or Decentralized Altruistic Community, was proposed to allow for further decentralized development of the Aragon stack.

The team has developed the AragonOS, a smart contract architecture that allows users to govern third-party applications and edit information found in their software kernels, which, in theory, will allow users to avoid issues with interdependence of applications or immutable bugs in the code of smart contracts.

Aragon has also partnered with Placeholder Capital to create a grants program called Aragon Nest. Aragon Nest will offer grants for research and development in hopes of producing and improving tools for governance, development, and communication. 

Key Milestones/News

The Aragon project is open source and their code can accessed here. team provides progress updates about all of their organizations on their blog: Below are the key news/milestones achieved by the project.

  • March 2017: Aragon Core v0.3 released
  • May 2017: Token Sale ended
  • October 2017: AragonOS introduced
  • January 2018 AragonOS 3.0 alpha released
  • January 2018: Aragon Nest launched
  • Q2 2018Survey app launched on Ethereum mainnet
  • May 2018: First grants from Aragon Nest awarded
  • August 2018: Smart contract audit completed
  • September 2018: Aragon DAC proposed creation

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Aragon and all of their respective teams and projects have done a good job conforming to deadlines and proposals. Their development is also open source so we can track in real time how their development is progressing. The team posts periodic transparency reports which detail the use of ICO funds in detail, which is something that very few projects do.

Although their ecosystem is very complex and involves many actors, the execution of their roadmap and efficient coordination of teams makes Aragon stand out against most other blockchain projects that fail to adhere to certain standards or deadlines.

Now that Aragon has organized its development teams, the team should be ready to release new products and integrate more projects onto their platform in Q3 and Q4 of 2018. The projects that plan to use Aragon are listed here

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