Crush Crypto Weekly – August 19, 2018 - Crush Crypto

Crush Crypto Weekly – August 19, 2018

Market Insights

The market stayed relatively flat during last week. The overall cryptocurrency market cap increased 1% to $216 billion. Bitcoin was up 4% to $6,400 and ether price increased 2% to $300.

Overall trading volume was thin because the market was pretty quiet. What’s interesting was that altcoins experienced a dramatic run up in the middle of the week, with some coins like Nano, Ontology, and Vechain more than doubled in a matter of days.

Despite the mini altcoin run, valuation for altcoins have dropped substantially so far this year – the #100 most valuable cryptocurrency now has a market cap of $59 million, meaning that some higher cap ICO projects would automatically make it into a top 100 coin at ICO price.

This is partly why ICOs have performed poorly recently. The market is not ready to attach a top 100 valuation to many of the new projects.

Developments in the Cryptocurrency World

​Coinbase' Toshi Receives New Features and Turns into Coinbase Wallet:

Thai SEC Clears Seven Cryptocurrency Operators to Serve Clients, Reviews Two More:

Binance, LCX Collaborate to Launch Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency Exchange in Liechtenstein:

Petro Will Be An Official Alternate Currency in Venezuela:

Hong Kong University Receives $20 Mln Research Grant for Payment Systems, Blockchain:

FINRA Throws Shade on the ‘SAFT’ ICO Framework:

Bitcoin Investor Michael Terpin Sues AT&T For $224 Million in Alleged Crypto Fraud:

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