Crush Crypto Weekly – February 17, 2018 - Crush Crypto

Crush Crypto Weekly – February 17, 2018

Market Insights

It was finally a good week for the cryptocurrency market, with the overall market value of crypto assets rising 24% to $488 billion compared to the previous week.

Bitcoin rose 28% to $10,500 and ether rose 12% to $930. The market went into a full recovery mode, gaining ground every day during the week. However, the trading volume is still very thin, indicating that investors are not quite ready to fully jump back in yet.

In addition, bitcoin performed strongly during the week, with bitcoin dominance increased from 34.7% to 36.7%, which is another indication that investors prefer safer cryptocurrency.

After the crash over the past few weeks, the market is still in a risk-off mode and it probably takes weeks before investors become greedy again. This is, in our opinion, a good development as the market is now more rational.

Bitcoin Ethereum Price Chart

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