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Crush Crypto Weekly – July 1, 2018

Market Insights

During the past week, the market was in a downtrend for most of the week until Friday where it had a sharp rebound.

The overall market cap was flat at $257 billion. Bitcoin is up 5% to $6,400 while ether price decreased 3% to $460. Bitcoin continued to outperform most altcoins and Bitcoin dominance increased to 42.6%.

There were not a lot of news affecting the overall fundamentals of the cryptocurrency market, so we are not sure what drove the sharp rebound late in the week except for short squeezes. This has happened a few times during the last few months, including the one where the squeeze sparked the mini bull run in April 2018.

The end of Q2 2018 was just past us, and quite a number of projects, such as Ontology, Zilliqa, aelf, Seele, released new versions of their product ahead of the deadline. If you are looking for quality projects to invest in, there are some new developments from different projects that you can check out.

Developments in the Cryptocurrency World

LINE Announces Plan to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange BITBOX in July:

Binance Set to Launch Its First Crypto-Fiat Exchange in Uganda:

Coinbase CEO Launches Crypto Charity Fund, Aims to Raise $1 Billion:

Coinbase Opens New Office in Portland, Bids GDAX Goodbye:

Facebook Reverses Cryptocurrency Ad Ban Amidst Rumors of a Coinbase Acquisition:

Major European Regulator, Banks Collaborate on Blockchain Warrant-Issuance System:

Walmart-Led Blockchain Effort Seeks Farm-to-Grocery-Aisle View of Food Supply Chain:

EOS Founder Wants to Scrap the Platform's Constitution, Start Anew:

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