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Crush Crypto Weekly – July 8, 2017

Market Insights

The big winner this week was Litecoin – it was up 33%. This is probably due to people buying Litecoin as a hedge against the uncertainty in Bitcoin before the August UASF. At one point during the week, Litecoin was the cryptocurrency with the highest trading volume. However, Bitcoin also rose 5% in a relatively uneventful week.

Ether dropped 6% last week. There are different reasons – ICOs selling off the Ether that they raised, investors taking profit, etc. However, I believe the biggest reason is due to a decline in new money coming in.

When Ether price was going up, new investors rushed in because they don’t want to miss out. But after Ether faced a sharp correction, investors, especially the newer ones, realized that it is not free money and there are risks involved, so the inflow of new money declined substantially. I believe this is going to continue for a while and we may not see the strong momentum again anytime soon.

Winner of the week – Veritaseum (VERI, a research company on crypto) (+123% during last 7 days)

  • Didn’t seem to have any particular catalyst for the run-up, but the trading volume was really thin ($1 million a day on EtherDelta), so prices can be very volatile. I am surprised that it is the token with #2 largest market cap, ahead of Gnosis and Golem

Loser of the week Bytecoin (BCN, coin with anonymity & data protection) (-38% during last 7 days)

  • Poloniex temporarily disabled deposits and withdrawals of BCN.
Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Price Chart

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