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Crush Crypto Weekly – June 10, 2018

Market Insights

During the past week, the market was flat for most of the week until the selloff on Sunday. The overall market cap dropped by 13% to $303 billion. Bitcoin is down 10% to $6,800 while ether price decreased 11% to $540.

The drop followed news that Korean exchange Coinrail was hacked. However, Coinrail is a small exchange and we believe it should not have much drive to the overall market.

We believe that the real reason of the drop is that some investors are losing patience. Bitcoin price had been mostly sideways for over 2 weeks with no upward momentum. Investor sentiment on Twitter are again mostly looking at a lower bitcoin price in the near future.

Trading volume had been low, indicating that investors are taking a wait and see approach. Even positive news like the CTFC calling the virtual current movement might be “a modern miracle” went unnoticed. If this news came out during a bull market, we believe it would’ve received a much stronger market response.

Right now, we are being patient and aim to wait it out. Remember, when the sentiment feels extremely one sided, that’s preciously when the market tends to move the other direction.

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