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Crush Crypto Weekly – June 24, 2017

Market Insights

It was a relatively quiet week for the crypto market. Bitcoin was up by 1% and Ether dropped 14% during the week.

The opposite direction of Bitcoin and Ether was due to Bitcoin reaching a resolution about scaling the coin. The uncertainty about Bitcoin was removed, causing capital to flow back into Bitcoin from other cryptocurrencies, including Ether.

Bitcoin Ethereum Price June 17, 2017

Winner of the week – Etheroll (DICE) (+125% during last 7 days)

  • DICE was added on the HitBTC exchange

Loser of the week – Swarm City (SWT) (-37% during last 7 days)

  • There was a lot of hype following the Broadwalk release 2 weeks ago. Now the hype died down a little and price reverted back to the pre-release range.
  • A quick video on the Broadwalk release demo:

Developments in the Cryptocurrency World

Bitcoin resolution reached:

Status ICO jammed up the entire Ethereum network for a day:

Vitalik’s proposal to scale the Ethereum network to prevent something like the congestion during Status ICO happening again:

GDAX flash crash – ETH price down to as low as $0.1:

2 days later, GDAX offered to credit customers who suffered a loss because of margin call or stop loss orders during the flash crash:

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