Crush Crypto Weekly – March 3, 2018 - Crush Crypto

Crush Crypto Weekly – March 3, 2018

Market Insights

The cryptocurrency market has been moving sideways for most of the past week, with the overall market rose 6% to $459 billion.

However, there are some large discrepancies between the performances of difference coins – bitcoin once again showed that it is the honey badger of money, rising 18% to $11,300, and ether is up by 2% to $850.

Bitcoin dominance is back to over 40% - a sign that people shift to safer coins during uncertain times. The market has been pretty steady at $400-500 billion for a few weeks now. This could mean that there has not been much new money coming in. Investors are shifting their existing altcoin holdings into bitcoin.

The market is a lot slower than just a couple months ago, but don’t lose your discipline and do something that you normally wouldn’t do just to chase returns. If you venture into something that you are not good at during a downturn, it is far easier to make mistakes.

Bitcoin Ethereum Price Chart

Developments in the Cryptocurrency World

​Subpoenas Signal S.E.C. Crackdown on Initial Coin Offerings:

Goldman-Backed Circle Agrees to Buy Crypto Exchange Poloniex:

JPMorgan & BofA Admit "Disruptive Threat" Of Cryptocurrency To Their Business:

Wellington, a $1 Trillion Money Manager, Just Joined the Crypto Frenzy:

Marshall Islands to issue own sovereign cryptocurrency:

HSBC Nears Blockchain Deployment for Live Financial Transactions:

E-Commerce Giant Rakuten to Launch Cryptocurrency Rewards Program:

BlackRock: Crypto Use Could Grow As Market Matures:

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