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Crush Crypto Weekly – November 25, 2017

Market Insights

The bull run was in full swing during the past week. Bitcoin, other major cryptocurrencies, and tokens all went up substantially. We are also glad to see that our call on Ether’s breakout turned out to be correct 🙂

Bitcoin went up by 13% compared to the previous week to $8,800; Ether price appreciated by 29% to $465. The total market cap for cryptocurrency is now $280 billion, which expanded by 20% over last week. All of these numbers are at all-time high.

While it is nice to enjoy the gains, we should take an active approach in our portfolio construction. If you have too much exposure in altcoins, consider shifting some allocation back to the major coins to reduce the volatility of your portfolio. Remember, be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy!

Bitcoin Ethereum Price Chart

Developments in the Cryptocurrency World

Tether was Hacked and Had a Hard Fork to Lock Stolen Funds:

South Korean Finance Watchdog Has 'No Plans' to Regulate Bitcoin Trading:

European Central Bank Considering Bitcoin Regulation According to Council Member:

Russian Minister: We Will ‘Never’ Consider Bitcoin Legal:

Morocco Regulators Warn of Penalties for Cryptocurrency Use:

President of Belarus Expected to Sign Decree to Legalize Cryptocurrencies:

Another Bitcoin Fork – Bitcoin Diamond:

New Code Released for Vlad Zamfir's Ethereum 'Casper' Upgrade:

Video Summary

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