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Crush Crypto Weekly – September 30, 2017

Market Insights

The biggest news last week was Korea banning all domestic ICOs and margin trading. However, the market reaction was much calmer this time compared to the China ban a few weeks ago. The market basically shrugged it off within 12 hours and continued the upward trend.

The ban did not restrict Koreans from participating in foreign ICOs, so the impact was limited. I am no expert in the crypto scene in Korea but the ban on margin trading would affect the trading volume and probably lower the volatility of asset prices in Korea.

Right now, cryptocurrency prices in Korea are slightly lower than elsewhere, which is different from the past few months where prices usually trade at a premium in Korea.

Compared to the previous week, Bitcoin price was up 15% to around $4,350 and Ether price also went up 4% to $305.

Other than the Korea news, the week was relatively quiet with more adoption from different countries/companies, which supports the long-term prospects for cryptocurrency as a whole.

P.S. – Last week we teased about a new development for Crush Crypto. We are finalizing the partnership details and it should be out soon, stay tuned!

Bitcoin Ethereum Price Chart

Developments in the Cryptocurrency World

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Video Summary

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