A digital asset array for crypto portfolio diversification

We have partnered with ICONOMI to become one of their first Digital Asset Array managers

Through their well-established platform, we will be actively managing a portfolio of digital assets (called Digital Asset Arrays).

The Crush Crypto Core DAA (CCC) is designed for people who want to hold a basket of high-quality and undervalued cryptocurrency assets, serving as a “core” for their long-term portfolio to provide a better return and diversification benefits with us doing the research and analysis.

We were one of the select few chosen by ICONOMI after a very rigorous screening process. We believe in our product so much that we have personally put in over US$100,000 to provide the seed funding for CCC. Rest assured that we have the best interest of CCC in mind as we also have a vested invest in seeing it succeed.

"I have been actively following your analysis reports for the last couple of months and find them very insightful."


Here are some of the benefits of participating in CCC.

Rigorous Research Process

We have a thorough fundamental research and analysis process and our performance track record shows our research provides value.

Avoid Overtrading

With our actively managed portfolio, you can let us take care of the trading so you don't have to. Trading fees can add up quickly!

Monthly Rebalancing

We incorporate rebalancing strategies to adjust the portfolio on a monthly basis as a mechanism to buy low and sell high and to add the best assets.

Key Features

  • search
    100% transparency with real-time performance
  • list-ol
    Easy to get started with low minimums ($10)
  • 24/7 access & liquidity with no lock up
  • Low fees (flat 2.5% annually on asset value)
  • Trusted oversight from ICONOMI
  • lock
    Cutting edge security to protect your digital assets

"I just want to let you know that your site is the most objective, informative, and actionable site on ICOs I've found on the entire internet."

Proven Track Record

 We are proud to be able to provide significant value added from our research process. On average, as of January 28, 2018, projects that we gave a positive rating generated a return of 640%, projects with a neutral rating generated a return of 281% and projects with a negative rating generated a return of 208%. Here are some of our previous picks:

OmiseGo (OMG)

“If this project can scale, the potential for this project is practically unlimited as the payments industry is huge. I believe OMG offers great potential on a risk/reward basis.”

Return: 59.2x

0x Project (ZRX)

Analysis of 0x ICO - ZRX

"Long-term prospect is good because 1) ZRX will have fairly strong demand right out of the gate with the partnership with Ethfinex, 2) I believe the prevalence of tokens is just getting started – in 5 to 10 years, the market could be orders of magnitude bigger than what it is now.”

Return: 41.4x (POE)

Analysis of ICO

"It looks to me that the team knows what they are doing, and the project is showing great traction by partnering with some prominent media companies in the blockchain space. The project’s progress to date also demonstrates the execution ability of the team."

Return: 14.6x


Analysis of ICON ICO - ICX

"We believe ICON can be a strong competitor to other blockchains like QTUM and NEO, which currently have a market cap between $500 million to $1 billion.Therefore, ICX has strong upside potential.”

Return: 52.8x

Santiment (SAN)

"Bloomberg, the leader in financial information, generated revenue of $9 billion in 2014 and has 192 offices worldwide. Should cryptocurrency investing becomes mainstream and Santiment is able to execute correctly, sky is the limit for Santiment.”

Return: 22.4x

Cindicator (CND)

Analysis of Cindicator ICO - CND

"The financial data industry is large and the crypto subset is just getting started. With a working platform that has good reception and usage, I believe Cindicator has a good chance to succeed.”

Return: 26.5x

"The information you share is excellent. Your analysis is consistently outstanding."

Extra Perks for Participation

As a way to thank our supporters, on top of enjoying the benefits provided by CCC, here are a few extra perks we will provide for anyone with a total contribution over 15 Ether or 100 Ether in CCC. 

Contributions > 15 Ether
  • Exclusive access to our private group for high quality and spam-free discussions and advice on cryptocurrency. In the group, we often provide reminders for registrations in promising ICOs such as 0x and Kyber, both of which generated over 400% return.
Contributions > 100 Ether
  • Exclusive access to our private group for high quality and spam-free discussions and advice on cryptocurrency. In the group, we often provide reminders for registrations in promising ICOs such as 0x and Kyber, both of which generated over 400% return.
  • Early access to our new "Crusher of the Month" series where we will share existing tokens/coins that we have the highest conviction on.

Simply send us a screenshot as proof of your total contribution and we will send you the invite to our private discussion group and/or add you to the "Crusher of the Month" newsletter.

"You guys are one of the rare ones offering quality analysis in the crypto space. Keep up the good work."

For more information about how to participate or details of CCC, please visit our FAQ page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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