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district0x Post-ICO Update – October 2018


  • Project name: district0x
  • Ticker symbol: DNT
  • ICO date: August 2017
  • Market cap*: $15 million
  • Circulating supply*: 600,000,000 DNT
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 DNT

* As of October 4, 2018. Source: Coinmarketcap

District0x is building a network of decentralized markets and communities. These markets and communities act as marketplaces in which participants can exchange anything from memes to job offerings.

The DNT token is an ERC-20 token that is used to apply for deployment of a district, facilitate exchanges in the marketplaces, and more importantly, vote on the governance decisions of each marketplace.

Markets can be deployed by users free of charge. Markets launched on district0x operate as DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) using the votes of each member of the marketplace to determine future trajectories of the markets.

This framework is referred to as the d0xINFRA framework. Distric0x uses IPFS (interplanetary file system) to store the data involved in each marketplace. The execution of managerial decisions of each marketplace is performed by Aragon. District0x is developing a massive peer-to-peer marketplace by uniting the technology of Ethereum smart contracts, IPFS’s distributed network, and Aragon’s DAO governance platform.

Distric0x was founded by Matus Lestan and Joe Urgo in February 2017. Since then, multiple developer studios have been contracted to build out the decentralized infrastructure mentioned in the Dsitrict0x roadmap and white paper.

These service providers are aiding in development of the network, branding and design of the project, administrative support, and community management. The companies involved are as follows: d0xinfra, sourcerers, griflan, nodrama, paren, ealfa

Key Milestones/News

The project is open source and their development progress can be tracked here: https://github.com/district0x

The district0x team provides frequent progress updates on their blog: https://blog.district0x.io/. Below are the key news/milestones achieved by the project.

  • August 2017: ICO concluded
  • October 2017: Name Bazaar launched 
  • December 2017: Partnership between Ethlance and Denctraland announced
  • January 2018: Partnership with Keep announced
  • May 2018: Meme Factory design contest announced
  • July 2018: 6,000+ unique offerings created on Name Bazaar
  • September 2018: District0x ambassador program launched

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District0x is an ambitious vision for the future of transparent, peer-to-peer, decentralized marketplaces. The project is continuing to expand their development team while also incorporating new districts into the network.

Perhaps because the scope of the project is ambitious, the development progress so far has been slow.

During ICO, Ethlance was launched, Name Bazaar and Meme Factory were both announced to be deployed soon. 14 months have passed and Meme Factory is still yet to be launched. They held 6 surveys that took place over 6 weeks. Why not put everything into one survey and save 5 weeks? The speed of development is disappointing in our view.

On the transparency front, the team is doing a good job with weekly updates. They are also active in communicating with the community on different social media channels.

Additional Resources

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