Crush Crypto Core DAA FAQ - Crush Crypto



What is the Crush Crypto Core (CCC) DAA?

What are the key features?

Why should I invest with Crush Crypto?

Who manages CCC?

What are the extra perks?

What is your track record?

Why did you choose to partner with ICONOMI?

About the Crush Crypto Core DAA

What is the portfolio strategy of CCC?

What digital assets can CCC invest in?

Why does CCC not invest in ICOs?

What is the fee structure?

How do I keep track of how CCC is performing?

How does CCC compare to other crypto investment funds such as TAAS or Astronaut?


What is ICONOMI?

What is a Digital Asset Array (DAA)?

Why should I become a DAA investor?

Who manages the DAAs?

How To Purchase CCC (Via ICONOMI)

Who can invest?

How do I purchase the CCC DAA?

How do I sell CCC?

What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can buy or sell?

Is there a lock up period?

How do I buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether to deposit into ICONOMI?

How do I make a deposit to ICONOMI?

How do I make a withdrawal in ICONOMI?

About the CCC Token

What is the CCC token?

Where can I view the CCC token smart contract?

What drives the value of the CCC token?

Can the price of the CCC token deviate from the price quoted on ICONOMI?

What exchanges is the CCC token available on?

How To Purchase CCC (Via IDEX)

What is IDEX?

How do I find the CCC token​​​​ on IDEX?

How do I use IDEX?

What are the fees to trade on IDEX?

There are no open orders at the moment - how can I buy/sell CCC tokens?