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Hadron ICO Review – AI Marketplace Platform for Enterprise Tasks


  • Project name: Hadron
  • Token symbol: Hadron Coin
  • Website: https://hadron.cloud/
  • White paper: TBA
  • Hard cap: TBA
  • Conversion rate: TBA
  • Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: TBA 
  • Bonus structure: TBA
  • Private sale / white list: TBA
  • ERC20 token: Yes
  • Countries excluded: TBA
  • Timeline: TBA (Please refer to Hadron’s website for the most up-to-date information)
  • Token distribution date: TBA
Video summary (video is 5:46 long):

Project Overview

What does the company/project do?

Hadron is building an AI (artificial intelligence) marketplace platform for human and machine-powered enterprise tasks. It connects the demand for computation and tasks with a large user and device population to get enterprise tasks done in an efficient manner.

By using decentralized compute, the project aims to provide AI compute that is 90% cheaper than current cloud service providers.

On the Hadron platform, anyone with web browsers can mine AI without setting up complicated mining software. Example of AI tasks are classifying not-safe-for-work images, image tagging and quality control.

As users already have the devices (computer or phone) at their disposal, the cost of running Hadron on their devices is very low, allow Hadron to sell services to clients at a very competitive rate.

Other than setting idle devices to mine AI, users can also actively earn income by participating tasks on the Marketplace. For example, users can help train AI models in a game-like interface.

In addition, Hadron will also develop a workforce blockchain which allows billions of workers to perform work on HADRON (compression, rendering, AI, etc.) without causing congestion on the blockchain. The blockchain will enable the Hadron platform to scale to an unbounded number of simultaneous tasks and works in a trustless and stateless manner.

How advanced is the project?

Hadron currently has two live products – AI Mining and AI Moderator.

AI Mining

Beta AI mining has been ongoing since January 2018. Users can mine Hadron Coins right now by following the instruction on the pinned message on Hadron’s telegram channel (https://t.me/joinchat/GahFuELlfJoWE1vsFQf3VQ).

Over 800 million images have already been processed by thousands of beta users running AI mining.

AI Moderator

HADRON’s AI-based solution learns and blocks spam and offensive content in real time. Two blockchain projects are using the product to moderate their Telegram channels.

Hadron is backed by investors such as NEO Global Capital, Arrington XRP, DHVC, and numerous other tier 1 funds.

It is our understanding that the roadmap and more partnerships will be announced over the next few weeks.

What are the tokens used for and how can token value appreciate?

Hadron Coins are used to interact on the platform. There are a few different uses for the coins:

  • Exchange coins for the purchase and sale of computation services
  • Conduct coin transactions on the Hadron Workforce Chain
  • Transfer coins between blockchain and computation marketplace

As Hadron Coins are needed to transact on the Hadron platform, the more transactions and usage the platform has, the more valuable Hadron Coins should be.

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Hadron has a team of 6, with the following being core team members:

Cliff Szu, CEO – He was CEO and co-founder of Fanpop (http://www.fanpop.com/), a community-powered network achieving over 50 million unique visitors. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Stanford University.

Darick Tong – Principal Engineer at Google, where he has built large-scale distributed systems since 2003. He is part of the team that developed and launched Gmail, and is a recipient of the Google Founders Award.

David Papandrew – He has 20 years of experience in product management. Previously Chief Product Officer at Fanpop. MA degree at Harvard University.

Evan Szu – He has managed technology product development for over a decade in Silicon Valley. Dual degrees in computer science and chemistry from Brown University. PhD in Philosophy at Stanford University.

Michael Chu – Chief Operating Officer at Fanpop. Previously, he worked at Intel where he helped develop and launch the Intel Centrino platform and was awarded six patents in Computer Vision. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

The project also has 6 advisors, including Rob Ferber, Chief Engineer at Virgin Hyperloop One and former Chief Scientist at Tesla, David Galvin, VP of Business Development at MasterCard, Matthew Le Merle, co-founder of Fifth Era, Patrick Ryan, Trust, Strategy and Engineering Principal for Google Cloud, Henri-Claude de Bettignies, EU Chair for CEIBS, and Jeff Chi, Associate Professor at Stanford’s School of Medicine.


  • Hadron is one of the few blockchain projects that is led by a team that has built a successful business with tens of millions of users. The team is comprised of members with strong technical capabilities as well as business acumen.
  • The beta AI mining is with actual organizations/companies buying computational power. Over 800 million images have been classified using beta testers’ devices. 
  • Artificial intelligence is a large and fast-growing industry. If Hadron is able to provide AI compute at 10% of the competition’s price, it is expected to capture a meaningful market share in a huge industry.
  • According to Statista, the AI industry is expected to experience over 100% growth per year over the next decade.
  • If the Hadron Workforce Chain becomes successful, it has the potential to be used for applications other than just the Hadron platform, providing further upside to Hadron Coins.


  • The project’s roadmap is not released yet, so we cannot gauge the level of planning the team has regarding major milestones. However, we understand that it will be out along with the new website which is coming soon.


Our thoughts of the tokens for short term and long term are as follows:

For short-term holding: A

We understand that the private sale is heavily oversubscribed with numerous reputable funds backing the project. We believe that the tokens will have plenty of unmet demand once they are tradable.

For long-term holding: A

The team is strong from both technical and business development side. Even in beta, Hadron has already signed up reputable organizations as clients.

We believe that the team has a good chance to succeed and capture meaningful market share in the AI compute space, which is already large and expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Disclosure: We have a position in this project.

For more information about the ICO, please visit the following links:

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Download the Free Checklist for Crushing ICOs!

This is the guide that help me find the most promising ICOs!

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