Exclusive Interview with ICONOMI - Crush Crypto

Exclusive Interview with ICONOMI

Crush Crypto co-founder and Crush Crypto Core DAA manager Victor Lai was recently featured in an exclusive interview by ICONOMI. In the interview, Victor discusses his views on the market, his criteria for selecting cryptocurrencies and tokens, and more. See the full interview here.

Crush Crypto recently partnered with ICONOMI and Victor was selected as one of their first DAA managers following a rigorous screening process that began in August 2017. (See our announcement from October 4, 2017 for more information: Introducing the Crush Crypto Core DAA on ICONOMI.)

The DAA that Victor is managing is called Crush Crypto Core (CCC), a portfolio of digital assets that people can directly invest in through the ICONOMI platform. CCC is for people who want to hold a basket of high-quality and undervalued cryptocurrency assets, serving as a “core” for their long-term portfolio to provide a better return and diversification benefits at the same time.

To learn more about the Crush Crypto Core DAA, please check out these links:

About Crush Crypto Corehttps://crushcrypto.com/crush-crypto-core 
FAQ: https://crushcrypto.com/faq
CCC on ICONOMI: https://www.iconomi.net/dashboard/#/daa/CCC

Full transcript of the interview below:

Victor, you are a CFA Charterholder, which in the old investment world means quite a bit. How are you using this knowledge in the crypto world?

My previous experience working in investment banking and at various hedge funds has been a great asset in analyzing various blockchain projects that span many different industries. Each project is unique in itself, but the process of conducting rigorous due diligence, assessing the fundamentals, and taking an objective view on a project’s investment potential or value proposition is the same.

My educational background and working experience in business and investing has enabled us to make some very successful calls on our website CrushCrypto.com, which currently has reports on over 45 blockchain projects. As of October 11, 2017, projects that received a positive rating generated a return of 371%, compared to the -13% return generated by projects that received a negative rating.

What is your view on crypto getting viewed and approved as a new asset class? Are we waiting for a regulatory framework that will make institutions more confident to jump into this world?

Because of the unique risk-reward profile and diversification benefits that cryptocurrency provides, I believe that within 5–10 years, cryptocurrencies will grow to a point where they will become a suitable asset class for most investment portfolios, similar to commodities or foreign currency.

Some in the old finance world may reject cryptocurrencies, either because they do not fully understand them or because they could potentially replace their existing businesses. Others will embrace them and view them as a new opportunity.

When a technology has the potential to disrupt an industry, it is often faced with adversity and reluctance to adopt. But as cryptocurrencies are becoming more developed and accepted, I believe those who reject or ignore them will miss out and fall behind.

Regulation will always be an issue for cryptocurrencies because they offer a new way to obtain financing and even change how people think about money. However, because of the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, we believe it is very difficult to regulate it effectively if there is demand for it.

We are seeing many coins underperform ETH/BTC. This makes it quite a challenge to pick the right coin. What are the three most important criteria you check when looking at coins?

It is certainly not easy to pick coins or tokens that will outperform. However, since the market capitalization of bitcoin and ether is so large now, it will be increasingly more difficult for them to appreciate at the same rate that they have been so far. Therefore, we believe picking the right coin can still be a winning strategy.

Our three most important criteria in analyzing a cryptocurrency are adoption, valuation, and market awareness. Ideally, we want to find coins/tokens that are expected to have wide adoption, are trading at a reasonable valuation, and have enough publicity that market participants are aware of their developments.

The average Joe and crypto. Even though there are many articles about a potential bubble in crypto, what is your estimation of the average Joe’s involvement in crypto assets.

With any technology that has the potential to change the way we live, bubbles are bound to occur, and prices sometimes get ahead of the fundamentals. Bitcoin has experienced several bubbles already — there have been several instances where Bitcoin prices dropped by more than 70% in a short period of time.

While bubbles may arise and burst from time to time, we believe cryptocurrencies as a whole will continue to move forward. The entire market capitalization for cryptocurrencies is around $155 billion, which is minuscule compared to other asset classes.
Cryptocurrencies have a lot of potential but are still far from becoming mainstream. At the moment, it is not easy to purchase, trade, or securely store cryptocurrencies, and this has been keeping most people away from participating in this asset class.


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