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Kambria ICO Review – Fueling the AI & Robotics Future


  • Project name: Kambria
  • Token symbol: KAT
  • Website: https://kambria.io
  • White paper: https://kambria.io/#whitepaper
  • Hard cap: $19.9 million, and contributors will own 50% of the total supply
  • Conversion rate: TBA
  • Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: $50 million
  • Bonus structure: TBA
  • Private sale / white list: TBA
  • ERC20 token: Yes
  • Countries excluded: Citizens from the US and Mainland China cannot participate
  • Timeline: TBA (Please refer to Kambria’s website for the most up-to-date information)
  • Token distribution date: TBA
Video summary (video is 6:41 long):

Project Overview

What does the company/project do?

Kambria’s goal is to make AI and robotics development faster, cheaper and easier by fostering an open-source ecosystem.

The project is an open robotics platform that is similar to Android or Linux but would include both hardware and software components. Over time, the team will grow the platform into a network of thousands of repositories, spanning across many technology verticals, not just robotics.

Companies can benefit from the collective contribution from the community to build custom applications without having to employ teams of PhDs.

Developers and researchers can engage in projects that they enjoy and receive compensation that are otherwise not available to them from typical open source contributions.

End users can enjoy the higher quality of life afforded by readily available robot products and services.

All technology on Kambria will be open and free to use for personal and R&D purposes, with the option for a licensing fee for commercial and enterprise purposes. Anyone, from individual entrepreneurs to big companies, can license out the entire stack of technology without the burden of legal paperwork and negotiations with each contributor.

As both software and hardware engineering are required in robotics, Kambria is able to break down the process of innovations from getting developed, produced/manufactured, to commercializing and selling the end products. The value flow network on blockchain ensures that the licensing fees flow back fairly and transparently to each party.

The diagram below shows how Kambria works in a nutshell:

How advanced is the project?

OhmniLabs, the parent company of Kambria, was founded in 2015 and sells robots with the goal of bringing people together. It is working with technology/elder care companies such as Home Care Assistance, Humana, Zumedic, Toppan, and more.

Kambria is building robotics labs and working with top universities around the world. Partnering universities include Stanford University, Central Michigan University, Nanyang Technological University, University of Southern California, and JVN.

Here is an office tour of OhmniLabs, which shows their production facility as well as the Ohmni Robot (video is 2:34 long): 

Kambria has a closed MVP of the platform developed on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet. They will invite testers to try out the MVP before the crowdsale.

Below is the future roadmap for the project:

Q3 2018 – Beta released

  • Open up smart contracts on mainnet.
  • Open up major subcomponents of Ohmni with appropriate licensing transferred from OhmniLabs. Motor drives, touchscreen and display, USB, embedded system, battery charging, vision algorithms, etc.
  • Be able to view these pieces (and those contributed by others) in the code base and remix/work on integrating them into new forms. Collaborate with other teams on demos showing what can be created.
  • Receive real KDNA or fiat orders for these parts on the main chain and send back completed parts.
  • Issue some initial real bounties on mainnet and start bringing the new technology into Kambria codebase for all to share.

Q1 2019 – Full launch

  • Full release of Ohmni in the Kambria codebase. Entire KDNA and open for full remixing.
  • All bounty systems and Dapps active, released, and usable.
What are the tokens used for and how can token value appreciate?

Interactions on the Kambria platform are facilitated by KAT tokens. Companies can use tokens to issue bounty challenges which are awarded to projects when fulfilled. Individual or teams are rewarded with tokens for designs or code they contribute. Manufacturers earn tokens through production of robots and robotic parts.

Here are the addition uses of KAT tokens:

  • Governance: Token holders can stake their tokens to elect a set of experts who will help with governance as well as growing of the “technology trees” on Kambria.
  • Attribution: Contributions into Kambria will be evaluated automatically so that attributions will be rewarded fairly.
  • Protection: Community can collectively ensure licensing agreements are upheld by partners.

As KAT tokens are used to perform interactions including transactions, voting and other staking functions, the more users and more robots are being transacted on the platform, the more valuable KAT tokens should be.

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The project is comprised of a team of at least 9, with the following being core team members:

Dr. Thuc Vu, Cofounder and CEO – serial entrepreneur with multiple company acquisitions, the last one by Google. PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Jared Go, Cofounder – CTO of OhmniLabs. Previously worked at Hobnob as CTO for 10 years. MSc in Computer Science from University of Calgary.

Tingxi Tan, Cofounder – Cofounder of OhmniLabs. Previously worked as Engineering Director at Hobnob, responsible for building the global scale cloud infrastructure. MSc in Computer Science from University of Calgary.

Advisors of the project include Simon Kim from Hashed, Loi Luu from Kyber Network, Karen Hsu from Blockcypher, Lily Sarafan from Home Care Assistance, Matt DiMaria from Eye-Fi, among others.

Blockchain venture capital firm Hashed has invested in the project.


  • OhmniLabs, the company behind Kambria, is already working with various established companies. Going forward, any company will be able to tap into a much deeper pool of talent without building out a costly robotics division themselves.
  • The team has a relationship with many top schools. Kambria plans to continue sourcing developers from hosting hackathons, building robotic labs with universities, etc. 
  • The introduction of KAT tokens would allow Kambria to incentivize researchers/developers globally and better align university research resources to real-world demand.
  • The project has a strong team with good track record in the entrepreneurial as well as technical side, increasing the chance that the technology will get adoption.
  • The white paper is well-written and detailed, which shows the level of planning the team has in terms of the vision and execution.


  • The scope of the project is on robotics and AI, which is a somewhat niche area. More categories of products are planned but it would be further down in the future.


Our thoughts of the tokens for short term and long term are as follows:

For short-term holding: B

While the idea, team, technical and business development progress are all above average, the nature of the project (robotics and AI) is still somewhat niche.

The market currently favors blockchain protocol and infrastructure projects, and higher layer projects like Kambria do not generate as much awareness.

For long-term holding: A

We are bullish on the long-term prospect of the project. Many companies would like to incorporate robotics in their operations but shy away because of the high initial setup and recruiting costs. With Kambria, any company is able to develop and produce robots with much lower costs.

If the team is able to attract developers, manufacturers and companies to generate the network effect and gain traction (which they are already doing a good job on), the potential can be substantial.

Disclosure: We have a position in this project.

For more information about the ICO, please visit the following links:

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