ICO/Token Analysis

Cumulative Performance
Long-Term ViewsCumulative Performance

The figures in the above table represent the median of returns based on our long term views in our ICO/token analysis reports as of February 17, 2018. Returns are calculated in USD terms based on the token sale price for ICOs (or the price at the time of our view for listed assets) vs. the current trading price per Coinmarketcap. Our long-term views have a time frame of 12 months, unless otherwise noted.

Crush Crypto Core DAA

Monthly Performance
Closing Price
Monthly Performance
October 2017
November 2017
December 2017
January 2018

For the real-time performance of CCC, please visit this page: Please note the starting price for CCC was $1.00 on September 28, 2017, implying a cumulative return of +265.7% as of January 31, 2018.

To learn more, please visit our Crush Crypto Core page or our FAQ page.

Crusher of the Month

Actual and Long Term Performance
Long Term Performance
October 2017
0x Project (ZRX)
Open: $0.199
Close: $0.202

November 2017
Hedge Token (HDG)
Open: $0.616
Close: $0.892

Monero (XMR)
Open: $302.89
Close: $447.61

January 2018
ælf (ELF)
Open: $2.15
Close: $1.43

February 2018
Bibox (BIX)
Open: $0.91
Close: N/A


The performance for our Crusher of the Month series is based on the trading price at the time we send out our Crusher of the Month report to those on our early access list (i.e. open price) and the price at the time we publish our next Crusher of the Month (i.e. close price). Long-term performance is based on prices as of February 17, 2018 or 12 months since we provided our view, whichever is earlier.