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Deep Dive Reviews

Review DateNameToken TickerDescriptionRelease / ICO DateLinks
2018-11-14TezosXTZA distributed, peer-to-peer, permissionless network that seeks to improve on older blockchain protocolsJuly 2017
2018-10-18EthereumETHA blockchain-based decentralized platform designed for running smart contractsJuly 2015
2018-10-02LitecoinLTCAn open source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that enables fast and near-zero payments between anyone, anywhere in the world. October 2011
2018-09-17Ethereum ClassicETCA distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionalityJuly 2015
2018-08-30IOTAMIOTAA public distributed ledger that enables feeless payments for the Internet of ThingsDecember 2015
2018-08-15StellarXLMA blockchain-based platform that facilitates global cross-asset transfersJuly 2014
2018-08-02NEONEOA smart contract platform that aims to provide a scalable network of dAppsSeptember 2016

ICO, Coin and Token Analysis

Our rating system is based on 5 tiers: S/A/B/C/D, with S being the highest and D being the lowest rating.
* Denotes an update in our recommendation due to new developments. Please see the respective article for more information.

Review DateNameToken TickerDescriptionICO DateTrading DateLinksShort TermLong Term
2018-08-17BgogoBGGFirst crypto trading platform with supernodesTBCNot yet listed SA
2018-08-12ChromapolisCHROMADatabase-centric dApp platformTBCNot yet listedAA
2018-08-04TolarTOLScalable blockchain leveraging DLT2018-09-15Not yet listed CB
2018-07-27UranusURACGlobal computing resource sharing platformTBCNot yet listed BB
2018-07-21BlockcloudBLOCBlockchain-based service-centric network stackTBCNot yet listed AA
2018-07-19COTICOTIDigital currency payment platform2018-08-15Not yet listed BC
2018-07-13AERGOAERGO BitBlockchain fuel for autonomous businessTBCNot yet listed SA
2018-07-11MoonlightLXDecentralized workforce platform2018-08-11Not yet listed CD
2018-07-03DxChain NetworkDXBig data & machine learning network2018-08-032018-08-10 AB
2018-06-29Celer NetworkCELROff-chain internet-scale network solutionTBCNot yet listed A*S
2018-06-21Contents ProtocolCPTDecentralized content exchange protocolTBCNot yet listed AA
2018-06-19AnkrANKDistributed cloud computing on trusted hardwareTBCNot yet listed AB
2018-06-15HadronTBCAI marketplace platform for enterprise tasksTBCNot yet listed AA
2018-06-13EtheriscDIPDecentralized insurance protocol2018-06-25Not yet listed CB
2018-06-06Carry ProtocolCREConnecting merchants & consumers with blockchainTBCNot yet listed BA
2018-05-31KambriaKATFueling the AI & robotics futureTBCNot yet listed BA
2018-05-22FantomFTMDAG-based smart contract platform2018-06-15Not yet listed AB
2018-05-17EssentiaESSProviding secure ease of use on blockchain2018-06-072018-07-06 PositivePositive
2018-05-11LightstreamsPHTBlockchain network for dApp speed and privacy2018-05-31Not yet listed CC
2018-05-08OneLedgerOLTBlockchain protocol for cross-ledger access2018-06-152018-07-12 PositiveNeutral
2018-05-05AtonomiATMISecurity protocol for the Internet of Things2018-06-062018-07-12 PositivePositive
2018-05-02RightMeshRMESHDynamic mesh networking2018-05-082018-08-01 NeutralNeutral
2018-04-27Libra CreditLBADecentralized lending ecosystem2018-05-012018-05-22 NeutralPositive
2018-04-25QuarkChainQKCHighly scalable secure blockchain solution2018-06-022018-06-04 PositivePositive
2018-04-13MerculetMVPRewarding user attention with tokens2018-04-252018-06-20 NeutralNeutral
2018-04-05Morpheus LabsMITxBlockchain platform as a service2018-03-242018-05-04 PositivePositive
2018-04-03Sentinel ProtocolUPPSecurity intelligence platform for blockchain2018-05-272018-06-18 NeutralPositive
2018-03-28LendingBlockLNDSecurities lending for the crypto economy2018-04-152018-05-01 PositivePositive
2018-03-22Origin ProtocolORIGINDecentralized sharing economy marketplaces2018-06-28Not yet listed NeutralPositive
2018-03-13Open PlatformOPENCryptocurrency wallet for applications2018-04-172018-05-22 NeutralNeutral
2018-03-09Celsius NetworkCELP2P lending & borrowing platform2018-03-15Not yet listed NeutralPositive
2018-03-07FIC NetworkeFICFixed income for blockchain assets2018-04-16Not yet listed PositivePositive
2018-03-05YggdrashYEEDTrust-based multi-dimensional blockchains2018-03-19Not yet listed NeutralNegative
2018-03-02NEXONEXOInstant crypto overdrafts2018-03-062018-05-01 NeutralPositive*
2018-03-01Health NexusHLTHBlockchain healthcare ecosystemTBCNot yet listed NeutralNeutral
2018-02-26Neon ExchangeNEXHybrid NEO decentralized exchangeTBCNot yet listed PositivePositive
2018-02-23HybridBlockHYBCryptocurrency trading ecosystem2018-03-152018-08-14 NeutralPositive
2018-02-21FriendzFDZDecentralized digital marketing2018-03-012018-04-04 NeutralNeutral
2018-02-19val:IDVLDDigital identity and personal data management2018-02-24Not yet listed NeutralPositive
2018-02-14PolicyPal NetworkPALInsurance for the unbanked and cryptoassets2018-03-032018-05-10 PositivePositive
2018-02-12Solve.CareCANPlatform for decentralization of healthcare2018-03-31Not yet listed PositivePositive
2018-02-09TE-FOODTFDDecentralized produce and livestock tracing2018-02-222018-03-10 PositivePositive
2018-02-07Effect.AIEFXDecentralized network for artificial intelligence2018-03-242018-04-24 NeutralPositive
2018-02-05Current MediaCRNCBlockchain-based multimedia ecosystemClosed during private presaleNot yet listed NeutralPositive
2018-02-02GlobitexGBXInstitutional grade Bitcoin exchange2018-02-10Not yet listed PositivePositive
2018-02-01Sentinel ChainSENCTokenization of livestockTBCNot yet listed PositiveNeutral
2018-01-29Dock.ioDOCKDecentralized professional data exchange2018-02-212018-04-25 PositivePositive
2018-01-29Insights NetworkINSTARBlockchain-based data exchange2018-01-292018-03-03 PositivePositive
2018-01-27GEMSGEMProtocol for decentralized mechanical turk2018-01-302018-02-20 NeutralNeutral
2018-01-24STK Global PaymentsSTKReal-time cryptocurrency retail transactions2017-10-302018-02-02 N/APositive
2018-01-22RefereumRFRDecentralized gaming referral marketplace2018-02-082018-03-01 PositivePositive
2018-01-19Republic ProtocolRENDecentralized dark pool exchange2018-02-032018-02-21 PositiveNeutral
2018-01-17WePowerWPRBlockchain-based green energy trading platform2018-02-012018-02-09 PositiveNeutral
2018-01-16TraDoveBBCoinTokenized business social network2018-02-012018-05-15 NeutralNeutral
2018-01-12ZeepinZPTDistributed creative economy2018-01-182018-01-30 PositiveNeutral
2018-01-10Ink ProtocolXNKReputation and payments for marketplaces2018-02-012018-02-28 PositiveNeutral
2018-01-04CoinFiCOFIDecentralized market intelligence2018-02-082018-01-29 PositivePositive
2018-01-01BluzelleBLZDecentralized database service for dApps2018-01-182018-02-06 PositivePositive
2017-12-30GATCOINGATTokenizing point reward systems2018-01-142018-01-20 NeutralPositive
2017-12-26Bee TokenBEEDecentralized home-sharing network2018-01-312018-03-03 PositivePositive
2017-12-23BitDegreeBDGRevolutionizing education with blockchain2017-12-012018-01-12 NeutralNeutral
2017-12-19ExpertyEXYDecentralized knowledge exchange2018-01-252018-02-26 PositiveNeutral
2017-12-15SelfKeyKEYDigital identity management system2018-01-142018-01-15 PositivePositive
2017-12-08GIFTOGTODecentralized universal gifting protocol2017-12-142017-12-18 Positive*Positive
2017-12-04DeveryEVESecured product verification2018-01-212018-01-24 NeutralNeutral
2017-11-30PROPSPROPSDecentralized ecosystem of video applications2017-12-22Not yet listed PositiveNeutral
2017-11-28INS EcosystemINSReinvented grocery industry2017-12-042018-01-12 NeutralPositive
2017-11-23QLinkQLCDecentralized mobile network2017-11-282017-12-29 NeutralNeutral
2017-11-20ETHLendLENDDemocratizing lending2017-11-252017-11-30 PositivePositive
2017-11-17Oracles NetworkPOAConsensus by respectable individuals2017-12-01Not yet listed PositiveNeutral
2017-11-14WaBiWABIToken for safe consumer products2017-11-282017-12-12 PositivePositive
2017-11-10BloomBLTDecentralized credit scoring2017-11-302018-01-15 NeutralDepends
2017-11-02MobiusMOBIConnecting to the blockchain ecosystem2017-11-222018-01-20 NeutralNeutral
2017-10-31indaHashIDHTokenizing the influencer industry2017-11-292018-01-24 NeutralPositive
2017-10-26UTRUSTUTKFuture of online payments2017-11-022017-12-29 NegativeNeutral
2017-10-24QuantstampQSPProtocol for securing smart contracts2017-11-172017-11-21 NeutralPositive
2017-10-19SpectreSXDT/SXUTSpeculative tokenized trading exchange2017-11-172018-01-12 PositiveNeutral
2017-10-16Mercury ProtocolGMTFuture of communication platforms2017-10-252017-10-26 NeutralNeutral
2017-10-13HeroHEROThe future of banking in Southeast Asia2018-02-012018-05-22 NeutralNeutral
2017-10-08Raiden NetworkRDNScalable transfers for Ethereum2017-10-162017-11-08 NeutralPositive
2017-10-05RipioRCNGlobal P2P credit network2017-10-172017-10-26 PositivePositive
2017-10-02PayPiePPPCredit assessment on blockchain accounting2017-10-152017-10-10 NeutralNegative
2017-09-28Enjin CoinENJSmart cryptocurrency for gaming2017-10-032017-11-01 NegativeNeutral
2017-09-25Request NetworkREQDecentralized network for payment requests2017-10-132017-10-20 PositiveNeutral
2017-09-24COMSACMSICO solution to centralized businesses2017-10-022017-12-14 NeutralNeutral
2017-09-20EtherpartyFUELUser-friendly smart contract compiler2017-10-012017-10-30 NeutralPositive
2017-09-18UnikoinGoldUKGDecentralized esports betting token2017-09-222017-11-06 NeutralPositive
2017-09-15ICONICXBlockchain designed for real world use2017-09-202017-10-26 NeutralPositive
2017-09-13AirTokenAIRMobile accessibility using advertising and microloans2017-10-052017-10-11 Neutral*Neutral
2017-09-11Change BankCAGCrypto bank for borderless finance2017-09-162017-10-17 NeutralNeutral
2017-09-08Kyber NetworkKNCDecentralized exchange for instant trading2017-09-152017-09-24 PositivePositive
2017-09-06AmbrosusAMBBlockchain-based supply chain ecosystem2017-09-222017-10-23 NeutralNegative
2017-09-04KinKINDecentralized ecosystem of digital services2017-09-122017-09-27 NeutralNegative
2017-08-31ChainLinkLINKDecentralized oracle connecting blockchain with outside data2017-09-192017-09-20 PositivePositive
2017-08-30Red PulseRPXIntelligence and content ecosystem for China markets2017-10-082017-10-28 Neutral*Neutral
2017-08-28CindicatorCNDHybrid intelligence for asset management2017-09-122017-10-12 PositivePositive
2017-08-25MaecenasARTDecentralized art investment platform2017-09-052017-10-18 NeutralPositive
2017-08-23Monetha MTHMerchant payment solution and trust system2017-08-312017-09-06 PositivePositive
2017-08-21MusiconomiMCINew music economy for everyone2017-08-312017-10-27 PositiveNeutral
2017-08-17KICKICOKCPlatform for cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaigns2017-08-292017-10-04 NegativeNeutral
2017-08-14Enigma CatalystENGData-driven crypto investment platform2017-09-112017-10-12 Negative*Neutral*
2017-08-11Salt LendingSALTBlockchain-backed loans2017-08-152017-09-29 NeutralPositive
2017-08-080xZRXA protocol for trading tokens2017-08-152017-08-16 PositivePositive
2017-08-03Po.etPOEShared ledger for digital media assets2017-08-082017-09-01 PositivePositive
2017-08-01COSSCOSS Crypto one-stop solution2017-08-082017-09-25 NegativeNeutral
2017-07-26RexREXPeer-to-peer real estate platform2017-07-312017-09-13 NegativeNeutral
2017-07-24DecentralandMANABlockchain-based virtual world2017-08-082017-09-17 NegativeNeutral
2017-07-21TierionTNTNew standard for verifiable data2017-07-272017-08-27 PositivePositive
2017-07-19investFeedIFTSocial investment network for cryptocurrencies2017-07-232017-08-13 NegativeNeutral
2017-07-17EverexEVXMicro lending for the unbanked2017-07-242017-10-10 NeutralPositive
2017-07-12CoinDashCDTCrypto portfolio social trading platform2017-07-172017-08-07 PositivePositive
2017-07-10MyBitMYBPlatform for tokenizing revenue streams2017-07-172017-08-19 PositiveNeutral
2017-07-06AventusAVTOpen standard for exchange of tickets2017-09-062017-09-06 NeutralNegative
2017-07-04district0xDNTDecentralized markets and communities2017-06-182017-08-12 NeutralPositive
2017-06-30DENTDENTMobile data sharing economy2017-07-122017-08-12 NegativeNegative
2017-06-28InsureXIXTAlternative insurance marketplace2017-07-112017-07-27 PositivePositive
2017-06-26IconomiICNDigital assets management platform2016-08-252016-09-30 N/APositive
2017-06-23TezosXTZA self-amending cryptographic ledger2017-07-012017-10-02 NegativeNeutral
2017-06-21SantimentSANCrowd insight / intelligence platform2017-06-042017-07-12 PositivePositive
2017-06-19TenXPAYDebit card and mobile wallet funded by cryptocurrency2017-06-242017-06-27 NegativePositive
2017-06-15OmiseGoOMGBlockchain-based financial services platform2017-06-272017-07-14 PositvePositve
2017-06-13PrimalBasePBTDistributed workplace for the tech community2017-06-262017-08-13 NegativeNegative
2017-06-12StatusSNTMobile operating system built on Ethereum2017-06-202017-06-28 PositveNeutral
2017-06-10CivicCVCDigital identity verification service2017-06-212017-07-17 NegativePositive
2017-06-08Giga WattWTTCryptocurrency mining solutions provider2017-06-022017-09-02 N/ANegative

Post-ICO Updates

Review DateNameToken TickerDescriptionRelease / ICO DateLinks
2018-11-16KINKINAn alternative ecosystem for digital servicesSeptember 2017
2018-10-31GolemGNTBuilding a decentralized supercomputer to create a global market for computing powerNovember 2016
2018-10-20PopulousPPTA peer-to-peer invoice discounting platformJuly 2017
2018-10-15SONMSNMA decentralized fog computing platform June 2017
2018-10-06district0xDNTA network of decentralized markets and communitiesAugust 2017
2018-10-02WaltonchainWTCA decentralized platform with the goal of combining blockchain technology and the Internet of Things via RFID technologySeptember 2017
2018-09-28QuantstampQSPA protocol for securely auditing smart contractsNovember 2017
2018-09-11BancorBNTAn Ethereum-based network to provide decentralized liquidity through the Bancor ProtocolJune 2017
2018-09-08AragonANTAn open-source DAO project built on the Ethereum blockchainMay 2017
2018-09-03StatusSNTOpen source messaging platform run on the Ethereum networkJune 2017
2018-08-31SantimentSANThe Bloomberg of cryptocurrencyJuly 2017
2018-08-28Worldwide Asset ExchangeWAXProtocol for gamers to exchange virtual goods using a decentralized marketplaceNovember 2017
2018-08-24DecentralandMANAAn open-source, 3D virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchaiAugust 2017
2018-08-18FunFair TechnologiesFUNA blockchain based platform for online casino gamingJune 2017
2018-08-13Basic Attention TokenBATBlockchain-based digital advertising and open-source web browsing platformMay 2017
2018-08-08Kyber NetworkKNCA decentralized liquidity network for enabling instant and seamless transactionsSeptember 2017
2018-07-30OmiseGOOMGA public financial technology built on the Ethereum blockchainJune 2017
2018-07-230x ProtocolZRXA protocol that enables secure, trustless, feeless, and fast transactions of ERC20 tokensAugust 2017


Review DateNameToken TickerProject DescriptionDescriptionLinks
2018-10-30Matic NetworkMTXScalable and instant Ethereum transactions using side chainsInterview with Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Matic Network on October 28, 2018. Watch the interview
2018-10-27BluzelleBLZDecentralized database service for dAppsInterview with Neeraj Murarka, CTO and co-founder of Bluzelle on October 23, 2018. Watch the interview
2018-10-13SharesPost-SharesPost is building the Global Liquidity and Settlement System (GLASS) decentralized network focused on security tokens.Interview with John Wu, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Assets Group, SharesPost, at San Francisco Blockchain Week on October 10, 2018. Watch the interview
2018-10-12QuarkChainQKCA high-throughput blockchain that aims to achieve hundreds of thousands of on-chain transactions per secondInterview with Qi Zhou, Founder of QuarkChain, during San Francisco Blockchain Week on October 10, 2018. Watch the interview
2018-10-11ZilliqaZILA scalable blockchain platform for hosting dAppsInterview with Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqa, at San Francisco Blockchain Week on October 10, 2018. Watch the interview
2018-10-10ICONICXA decentralized network of blockchain communitiesInterview with Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member at San Francisco Blockchain Week on October 10, 2018. Watch the interview
2018-10-09MetadiumMETAA next-generation identity protocolInterview with Justin Park, CEO of Metadium at San Francisco Blockchain Week on October 9, 2018.Watch the interview
2018-09-24Kyber NetworkKNCA decentralized liquidity network for enabling instant and seamless transactions between platforms, ecosystems and other use cases. Interview with Loi Luu, CEO & Co-Founder of Kyber Network at CoinDesk's Consensus Conference, which was held in Singapore on September 19-20, 2018. Watch the interview
2018-09-06PolymathPOLYA smart contract platform that aims to provide a scalable network of dAppsInterview with Graeme Moore, VP of Marketing at Polymath to discuss the potential and trends of security token offerings, Polymath’s ambitious plans.Watch the interview

Crusher of the Month

MonthReview DateNameTickerDescriptionStatusClosed DateLinks
September 20182018-09-26EthereumETHDecentralized smart contract platformOpenNot yet closed
August 20182018-08-22ChainlinkLINKDecentralized oracle connecting blockchain With outside dataClosed2018-09-26
July 20182018-07-24CosmocoinCOSMBlockchain-based B2C cosmetics platformClosed2018-08-22
June 20182018-06-07EximchainEXCEnterprise blockchain for the supply chainClosed2018-07-24
May 20182018-05-21PolymathPOLYAn automated and scalable platformClosed2018-06-07
April 20182018-04-17ICONICXBlockchain designed for real world useClosed2018-05-21
March 20182018-03-16ZilliqaZILHigh-throughput public blockchain platformClosed2018-04-17
February 20182018-02-17BiboxBIXEncrypted digital asset exchangeClosed2018-03-16
January 20182018-01-08ælfELFA multi-chain parallel computing
blockchain framework
December 20172017-12-12MoneroXMRA private, untraceable and decentralized cryptocurrencyClosed2018-01-08
November 20172017-11-07Hedge TokenHDGA platform with passively managed crypto indicesClosed2017-12-12
October 20172017-10-120xZRXA protocol for trading tokensClosed2017-11-07

Educational Articles

Report DateTopicExcerpt
December 2, 2018Ethereum ERC Token StandardsThis article focuses on common ERC token standards and how they are different from each other. These standards define a required set of functions for a token type, allowing applications and smart contracts to interact with them in a predictable way.. [continue reading]
November 26, 2018Cryptocurrency Regulations in LiechtensteinAn overview of the regulatory framework concerning cryptocurrency in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein adopts a progressive approach towards blockchain technology... [continue reading]
November 20, 2018The History of Digital CurrencyThe concept of a secure digital currency has been around since the 1980s and there have been many previous attempts that directly inspired Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation of Bitcoin... [continue reading]
November 7, 2018Layer 2 Blockchain Scaling Solutions – SidechainA sidechain is a unique blockchain that is attached to a main-chain using a two-way peg. Sidechains allow tokens and digital assets from one blockchain to be used in a separate blockchain and then moved back to the original chain if needed... [continue reading]
November 5, 2018Cryptocurrency Regulations in SingaporeAn overview of the regulatory framework concerning crytpocurrency in Singapore. Singapore adopts a progressive approach towards blockchain technology... [continue reading]
November 2, 2018Layer 2 Blockchain Scaling Solutions – State ChannelsLayer 2 is a term used to describe developments for blockchain technology that are being built on top of the existing “layer 1” infrastructure. It is also referred to as “off-chain” solutions... [continue reading]
October 25, 2018Cryptocurrency Regulations in MaltaAn overview of the regulatory framework concerning cryptocurrency in Malta. Malta adopts a progressive approach towards blockchain technology... [continue reading]
October 18, 2018What is Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT)?Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT) is an algorithm that optimizes aspects of Byzantine Fault Tolerance (in other words, protection against Byzantine faults) and has been implemented in several modern distributed computer systems, including some blockchain platforms... [continue reading]
October 9, 2018Cryptocurrency Regulations in SwitzerlandAn overview of the regulatory framework concerning cryptocurrency in Switzerland. Switzerland adopts a progressive approach towards blockchain technology... [continue reading]
September 28, 2018What is Delegated Proof-of-Stake?Delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) is a consensus mechanism used in blockchain based networks to determine who the validator of each block will be and reach on a consensus on what data should be added to the chain... [continue reading]
September 14, 2018What is Proof-of-Stake?Proof-of-stake algorithms achieve consensus by requiring users to put a certain amount of their coins “at stake” to have a chance of being selected to validate a block of transactions and receiving that block reward. Malicious actors risk losing their stake... [continue reading]
September 10, 2018What is Proof of Work?Proof-of-work is a consensus mechanism that relies on a difficult computational task to secure the network from malicious actors... [continue reading]
August 31, 2018Why is Blockchain Technology Important?Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, but it has the potential to help the human race enter a new era that is more transparent, just, and less reliant on centralized institutions... [continue reading]
August 24, 2018What is Blockchain Technology?A blockchain is a distributed ledger of data that is maintained and updated by a network of computers across the globe.... [continue reading]
August 21, 2018What is a Smart Contract?A smart contract is a piece of code stored on the blockchain that reads and writes data and is triggered by blockchain transactions.... [continue reading]

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