For those who are new to the crypto world, especially if they don't have a tech background, the entire blockchain ecosystem seems very overwhelming. It took me a few months to learn enough about blockchain to the point where I was comfortable investing in the space.

That's why I created this resources page to share with you the websites that I visit often. By having access to the right resources, those who are new can dramatically speed up their learning curve. I wish someone had given me this list when I got started - it would've saved me so much time!

Feel free to share this list to your friends who are new to the crypto world - they will thank you for it.

General Resources

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

  • Bitcoin Talk (most ICOs have a standalone thread on this site)
  • ICO Stats (You can check the performance of ICO projects. I especially like to compare the performance against Ether because you can see whether the token outperformed Ether or not.)
  • ICO Alert (there are many different ICO calendars out there but I like this one the most)
  • Token Data (A comprehensive website containing statistics about the ICO market)
  • Token Filings (A directory for all the news and articles about token projects - sort of like the EDGAR for tokens)


  • Coinbase / GDAX – biggest cryptocurrency exchange that takes fiat deposit, is FDIC insured, all digital currencies are fully insured, company is worth $1 billion as at June 2017
  • Kraken – based in San Francisco, it is the biggest exchange for transactions denominated in Euro
  • Gemini – based in New York, founded by the Winklevoss twins, have the least recent issues among the bigger exchanges
  • Poloniex – largest cryptocurrency exchange by transaction volume but do not accept fiat deposits
  • QuadrigaCX – biggest exchange in Canada
  • Liqui – offers trading in many tokens, usually very quickly after tokens are tradable after ICOs but has less volume
  • Bittrex – also offers trading in many tokens with higher volume than Liqui
  • Bitfinex
  • Shapeshift – allows swapping different cryptocurrencies / tokens very quickly but usually with a higher fee


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